Thursday, May 30, 2013

Old Photo Recreation

Last Christmas, my sisters and I saw an idea floating around online, where people would recreate their old family photos with everything the same... except their age.

As we're a creative trio, we thought we'd have a go at it! The photos ended up in a calendar that we gifted to our parents. I graphic designed each month to represent something about our childhood and ourselves.

The difficulty with our project was that majority of the original photos were taken in New Zealand or Hong Kong... and we were limited to Melbourne, and only had a couple of weeks to do the photos. As such, we had to improvise a lot of locations, though the ultimate key to getting photos to looking the same was the lighting. If flash was used in the original photo, we used flash. If it was taken in the morning with the sun low, we did it in the morning etc.

I have to admit, we had to cheat a lot of colours using Photoshop, especially in clothing and lighting. I.e.- In the photo where I'm on a playground swing wearing a puffy pink jacket, that jacket is actually blue. Photoshop works miracles. ;)

Huge thanks to Luke for being our photographer and director! What a fantastic job he did, particularly with poses and expressions.

I would recommend any family to give this kind of project a go. It's a great deal of fun, and is sure to be a memory-maker. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Drawing on a phone... for Weta.... as a gift!

This year's gift to Weta for Christmas was a very hurried one. I was alerted by The Shadow and Flame forum that there were plans to send a big goodie basket about 3 weeks from the due date, and I jumped at the opportunity to draw a card again!
However, I was in New Zealand at the time on holiday after attending 'The Hobbit' premiere madness. I was without a graphics tablet... hence I turned to my phone, the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Note. I've never done serious drawing on the Note before, so this was a great opportunity to test out it's drawing capabilities. I considered using proper drawing apps such as Sketchbook, but in the end stuck with S Note because I reckon it has the best sensitivity. And good 'regular' thin brushes with no special properties, which is what I'm used to - not the paintbrush style.
The obvious choice for theme this year was 'The Hobbit' of course. I desperately wanted to draw Weta crew as Hobbit characters, just as I did with Tintin last year. So I started with Richard Taylor as Gandalf as a line drawing... and from there I came up with 17 more characters, encompassing our Weta friends and key crew.
A few days from due, I exported all the line drawings from my phone to Dropbox as jpegs. Then I spent a long day 'watercolouring' all the drawings using Photoshop's 'Multiply' blending type. I chose background colours for each character according to what was relevant to the character in the book. i.e. - Radagast the Brown, Thorin with a sky blue hood, Bombur with a pale green hood... etc. etc. I also created simple frames for the drawings in a Dwarven style.
The cards were delivered and well received yesterday, and I'm just so glad to have been involved! Kudos to everyone who contributed to the gift, and a personal kudos to the Samsung Galaxy Note, which has proved itself as a capable drawing tool. I loves it precious!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skylock Channel, an explosion of awesome filmmaking


After too long slaving away at our separate channels, Luke and I have finally combined forces, to create the new SKYLOCK CHANNEL!

And our first film, a David Fincher inspired short about the EIGHT deadly sins,.... EI8HT!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Back in February 2011, I was in Matamata, better known as the location for Hobbiton from 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy (and now 'The Hobbit'). I was there just before they closed down the tours and started shooting, so as you can imagine, it was pretty close to being finished for 'The Hobbit' movie!

Now that the NDA has been lifted on the photos, I'm able to share them to all the lovely people who are interested in such things.