Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Riding Hood in Silhouette

Here is some experiments with silhouette, colour and shape with the same 'Little Red Riding Hood' image. Quite luckily, I happened to draw the two characters with quite distinctive and interesting silhouettes. The raygun in Little Red's hand looks particularly good, so I made it the focus of the piece. The wolf's hair and pipe also look quite excellent in silhouette.

I used radial design to emphasise the imaginary rays from the raygun. Also, as I didn't want to have a traditional forest background, I used shapes, which have an almost art deco feel to it.

Firstly, here is the image in black and white. The diagonal line is used to create a sense of separation between the two characters. I chose to have Little Red in black and the Wolf in white, which is opposite to what you would expect, since black is evil and white is pure. However, since Little Red wields a raygun, I don't think she's pure!

Next is my monochromatic silhouettes. I chose the colour red for obvious reasons. Of course Little Red had to be coloured Red! The colour scheme somehow reminds me of Japan- perhaps something to do with Samurai. The blood red behind the wolf, and his red shadow is symbolic of death- here, the wolf is the victim.

Next is my analogous composition. I used three hot colours- red, orange and yellow. I kept Little Red and the wolf in the same colours as the last composition. This time, they really strike a cutting silhouette against the background. The hot colours are reminiscent of the sun- especially with the radial imagery. This makes for an action-filled image, where it's suggested that the raygun lets off heat. Next is my complementary composition. The colours I chose are quite unexpected. They're almost tropical colours. Little Red is depicted in a hot colour- suggesting her aggressiveness, whereas the wolf is a cool blue. In this image, all the lines lead to the wolf- he is clearly the victim. Last is my triadic composition. I went a little bizarre with the colour choices. The combination of orange, green and purple clash quite a lot. I used the purple on Little Red to hint at a feminine side, although the amount of blue in the purple emasculates her also. The wolf is in orange as it's somewhat similar to the brown-coat of a wolf.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Red and Wolf in colour and texture

Here is my scene from 'Little Red Riding Hood' rendered in colour and texture. The first image is rendered with textures. Most of the textures came from various places around Deakin University. Little Red is mostly textured with the natural patterns of rock surfaces. I used this to suggest a strong, iron-willed character. The bumpy texture on her boots and gauntlets are almost suggestive of reptile skin, portraying a vicious nature.
The wolf's jacket is rendered with the texture of fur. I thought this seemed suitable to suggest that this man has an animalistic nature. His belt is textured with bumps which I thought looked rather sci-fi - fitting for this steampunk theme. His boot's texture is actually the same as Little Red's only on a smaller scale, and again, the almost reptilian look suggests a vicious demeanour. His pants are actually textured with a photograph I took of a sheet of metal. However, here it almost looks like velvet or suede. I thought this was again suitable for an 'animal' character.
The second scene is rendered with mostly flat colours with only a touch of shading. The thick lines make the characters look like comic-book characters. I think this is suitable for the style I used, and in retrospect, I might have been drawing these characters with 'X-Men' influences. Little Red certainly looks somewhat similar to 'The Scarlet Witch', and the Wolf looks somewhat like 'Wolverine'.
I decided not to use a background for either image, because a background took away from the strength and sheer personality of the characters.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here is my drawn interpretations of texture. Some of them don't make sense when scanned to digital because you cannot see the grain of the paper it was originally drawn on.

Exploration of Line

Here is the line excercise from ACN107. I drew these lines according to what the corresponding adjectives meant to me.

Texture/Pattern Library

Here is a selection of textures and patterns found around Deakin University. I intend to use these samples to texturise images and illustrations.

Some of the textures here came from quite unexpected places. One of them is actually a pile of old bird-droppings which created quite an interesting texture.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Here is my interpretation of Little Red and the Wolf.

I've decided to base my sketch around the adjective, Heroic.

A superhero version of Little Red is what I attempted, with somewhat of a Steampunk spin. This drew largely from the designer Greg Broadmore and his steampunk world of 'Dr. Grordbort's'. The raygun in her hand is a direct homage to Broadmore's designs.

I interpreted the wolf as a suave villain who attempts to woo Little Red. Thus is he portrayed a a man, with wolfish mannerisms. The 'animalistic' side of him is portrayed through his tailcoat, his neck-tie and his hair.