Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Red and Wolf in colour and texture

Here is my scene from 'Little Red Riding Hood' rendered in colour and texture. The first image is rendered with textures. Most of the textures came from various places around Deakin University. Little Red is mostly textured with the natural patterns of rock surfaces. I used this to suggest a strong, iron-willed character. The bumpy texture on her boots and gauntlets are almost suggestive of reptile skin, portraying a vicious nature.
The wolf's jacket is rendered with the texture of fur. I thought this seemed suitable to suggest that this man has an animalistic nature. His belt is textured with bumps which I thought looked rather sci-fi - fitting for this steampunk theme. His boot's texture is actually the same as Little Red's only on a smaller scale, and again, the almost reptilian look suggests a vicious demeanour. His pants are actually textured with a photograph I took of a sheet of metal. However, here it almost looks like velvet or suede. I thought this was again suitable for an 'animal' character.
The second scene is rendered with mostly flat colours with only a touch of shading. The thick lines make the characters look like comic-book characters. I think this is suitable for the style I used, and in retrospect, I might have been drawing these characters with 'X-Men' influences. Little Red certainly looks somewhat similar to 'The Scarlet Witch', and the Wolf looks somewhat like 'Wolverine'.
I decided not to use a background for either image, because a background took away from the strength and sheer personality of the characters.

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