Sunday, August 9, 2009

Firebirds and Phoenixes

I've decided that for my musical concert poster, I'm going to base the concert around Stravinsky's ballet, 'The Firebird'. I've never actually heard the music from 'The Firebird', but knowing Stravinsky's style somewhat, I feel it will be suitable to my design aesthetic.

One of the major reasons for choosing 'The Firebird' is the fact that I can incorporate a bird into my design. I have several ideas of how a dramatic poster can be created through bird illustrations and motifs.

Doing a quick Google search on 'Phoenix', to get an idea of what my firebird might look like, I found quite an amazing image:

It might just be unfinished, but it almost looks expressionistic in the way that quick strokes are used. This is a good starting point for my poster. I love the use of colour and the power that emanates from this image. I'm not sure, but I think it may have been done in Painter, just looking at the brush-strokes.

I've drawn a phoenix in the past myself. I'm not happy with all of it, but it's another good starting point.

Having to paint a Phoenix on the shape of a K isn't easy. I really don't like the tail, although the wings and head are alright.

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