Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Music Festival: Stravinsky- 'The Firebird' Suite

ACN107 Music Festival Poster Assignment

a) What kind of music is at your festival?

Classical Music. To be specific, my festival is a performance of 'The Firebird Suite' by Igor Stravinsky.

b) Who goes to your festival?
Mostly middle-aged and older members of the upper middle class society. Although, anyone with a taste in classical music is likely to attend.

c) What is the atmosphere like at the festival?
It is a relatively formal music concert, and people are required to dress elegantly to attend. The audience is well behaved and polite.

d) In what kind of venue does it take place?
The venue is an upscale concert hall, brilliantly furnished with elegant architectural design. The hall is vast and is designed to give the best possible acoustics for a full orchestra.

e) Any other useful information about your festival?
This music concert is performed by a full Symphony Orchestra. It is an event of sophistication; perhaps a mimicry of an olden-day opera performance. However, to accommodate to modern times, it is not required to dress in the finest fashion with the finest jewels as it was back then. Still, it is an event primarily for the wealthy who have a sophisticated taste in classical music.

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