Friday, August 7, 2009

Past work- A Level Design

Here is some of my design work from CIE A Level Design. My theme was 'Fantasy Tales', and the following were designs of the old characters.

Poseidon the Sea God. In this illustration, I really utilised the Photoshop brushes and tools. I'm not totally happy with how Poseidon sits in the waves, and I think there's something wrong with his anatomy, but I'm still pretty pleased with this illustration. I think it could be more dynamic though.

Zeus, the God of Gods. At the time, I liked the idea of Zeus having a Cloud-toga. Now I think it looks a bit strange and I can't help wondering where his legs are. I over-exposed his face and hair to give the sense that he's radiating with light. However, I feel there's something wrong with his face. The whole image is too still, there's no sense of dramatic movement.

The Four Winds- Arctic North, Asian East, Desert South and Forest West, from Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Garden of Paradise'. I'm actually quite happy with the look of each individual character. Their outfits work quite well. Their faces are however dreadful. Life drawing is something I really have to work on. I don't really like how the overall piece has so many colours, but it was sort of unavoidable since each wind is a different colour.

The Ice Maiden from Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Ice Maiden'. This was my very first digital illustration. I tried to use every Photoshop trick I knew. I even designed my own snowflakes and stamped them across the image. I think it's not a bad first attempt. However, her proportions seem very wrong though, the flow of cloth could have been better, and the mountains are just dreadful.

Carabosse from Charles Perrault's 'Sleeping Beauty'. I'm happy with her costume design (although it's incredibly impractical), but again, my life drawing skills are just terrible! Even with a huge mask to cover majority of her face, the neck/chin line looks very wrong. I like the S shaped fire pattern however, although the fire along the bottom edge looks quite bad.

These were the book covers I made for 'Sleeping Beauty', 'The Garden of Paradise' and 'Greek Tales'. The whole transparency overlay thing is actually very impractical (I had an idea with a more solid frame at first, but my teacher didn't like it), but it added an extra dimension to the covers. I'm really only happy with the 'Greek Tales' book. I remember the other two giving me so much trouble...

These were bookends of Carabosse and the Ice Maiden. They were my very first attempt at sculpting (with Super Sculpey), and I think they could have looked better if I had spent some more time and patience on them. From a distance the sculptures look alright, but close up, any sculptor would gasp in horror! I left scratches and fingerprints all over them, and my anatomy is absolutely dreadful. The wire used on both sculptures was supposed to be a 'modern twist', but really, I think it would have worked just as well without the wire. The packaging I made looks good, but it was actually incredibly flimsey. Theoretically I had planned for it to look a lot better and be a lot stronger. Practically, it didn't quite turn out as planned.

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