Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poster Appraisal

All the lines in this poster are flowing, curved and elegant. This was used to evoke a sense of sophistication - fitting for an orchestral concert. The sweeping line of the bird's leads back at the text, which is the most important part of the poster, whereas the curly part of the tail is reminiscent of the patterns found on violins etc. The golden sweeping lines in the background are also suggestive of musical staves- again fitting for this concert.

There is a kind of circular design in this poster. Since the lines are all curved, there are many (unfinished) circles which create an elegant flow. The shape of the bird is very much elongated, which suggests a tall, noble air. The negative space in the poster is actually quite dominant, but helps to enforce the text.

I used analogous colours in this poster. I specifically chose reds, oranges and golds (i.e.- warm colours) to suit the idea of 'The Firebird'. Of course fire is associated with warm colours, so I though it would be fitting to use a lot of red and gold. The light gold of the title complements the bird, but is also a light enough shade that it stands out against the black background. I chose black for the feeling of a sophisticated night concert.

The texture of the bird is mostly smooth. The wings and tail of the bird are particularly smooth to create an unopposed flow, and I created this smooth texture using the smudge tool in Photoshop. I used it to evoke a sense of elegance and chic. The chest of the bird however is textured with a photo of fish scales. I chose scales rather than feathers because I wanted the bird to have a dragon-esque feel about it. Afterall, I don't want the Firebird to be just any ordinary bird- there must be something magical about it.

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