Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poster Resarch Continued

Here are more posters that I found to be quite beautiful.

This poster is from a movie, 'The Red Violin'. Unfortunately, I have never seen this movie before but I really like this poster. I love the use of monochromatic colour. The use of only red sets an entire mood of brooding passion. Out attention is largely drawn to the back of the woman just above the text, and then the pictures of people on the left side. The violin motif appears throughout the poster, making it a real point of symbolism. This poster almost has an ethereal quality to it, as the musicians seem to fade out of nowhere, and the use of lighting is very stylised. This entire image has been texturised onto what looks like a rough-looking surface. This just adds a little something more to the image, and perhaps suggests a hardship.

Again, his is Si Scott's work, although I'm unsure where this comes from. I absolutely love how Scott uses curls and swirls to create entire recognisable objects/animals. The centripedal design feels like a kind of illusion, and his drawings all look like beautiful images out of dreams. I want to be able to capture the curvilinear, flowing lines that Scott creates which lead you to looking in every direction. They sort of grow out of a singular point, which keeps you searching the image for more.

This is more of Mike Orduna's work. I love the use of scribbled lines. He seems to often used mixed media to create ethereal images that exist on several planes of reality and fantasy. His limited colour palate also helps to keep the image as a singular unit. The eye is drawn to the point of illumination, and although I don't know what this poster is for, I get the sense that it is fantasy- orientated. The lines are actually mostly scribbles, so they are somewhat straight and the entire image is somewhat angular. However, there is a beautiful flow to it as well.

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