Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home of the Future: Paragraphs for Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors propaganda poster

Relax, Style, Comfort. Now you can live the remainder in your life in absolute comfort in this stylish new box. With automated atmosphere control, responsive decor and the latest Lazibox 600ZX technology, you and your MechaWife720F can live in this perfect utopia, where everything is designed just for you! Blending the latest SimuLeisureX tech into the very walls of your home, you can feel as though the world is at your feet. Picture yourself in your Flymagator Retric Pants (one pair free with every house purchased), relaxing in this white-walled wonder, with your MechaWife720F*. What are you waiting for? Buy this home now!

*MechaWife720F not included.

Outdoors message for Mecha.

My dear fellow Mecha,

In the past ten years, our community has been growing in vastness and practicality. Look upon the beautiful landscape of sterile white boxes and be proud! Breathe in the fume-ridden air and rejoice, because our domination is at its peak.

In years to come, we will be here still, performing our routines with no break in our algorithms. But this perfect future will not exist if we let one glitch occur. So this is a reminder to keep every cog in place. Ensure you have a regular maintenance session with cerified MRVC repairers. Clean you steam gauges every month. Lubricate your Flatulickalisers and maintain the biofluid in your Lechetrons daily, and we'll be on our way to the unmoving future.

Let's keep things the way they are!
Regards from you Lord Mechavon.

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