Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home of the Future: Synopsis

This is my very pessimistic view of the future. I believe it has a potential to happen around the year 2060.

How will we live?

Humans and mecha will co-exist. In fact, human life will diminish, and more and more of the population will be artificial beings. The remaining humans would not be able to survive in the toxic atmosphere without gas masks, thus it is mostly the mecha who roam the outdoors. For the most part, humans will remain indoors, where air is filtered especially for their survival. All the leisures of life will be enjoyed indoors by artificial simulation and virtual reality, and the life of a human will be whittled down to a mere existence in a cage of illusions. However, the mecha will live on, but will never progress because they lack the human innovation to 'upgrade' themselves, and the greatest human minds will have died out.

What conditions are inside and outside?
Outside, the air is toxic. An accumulation of the seemingly harmless chemicals that have been released into the air over the years will eventually become a manifestation of deadly fumes. Humans will not be able to survive in the outdoors any longer, and this is why much of the human population will die out. Extensive apparatus can be used to aid breathing outdoors, but for the most part, humans will stay indoors, and it is mecha that roam outdoors.

Inside, the air is carefully filtered for the decreasing number of humans. However, were the energy supply to go out, humans would instantly be choked by the outside toxic fumes. Because the humans are more or less trapped indoors, technology that simulates the outdoors will be present in every home. Thus would a human feel as though they are experiencing the outside world, although in fact, they are merely sitting in a illusion.

What is in our homes?
Inside every home is technology that simulates the outdoor world. Also every piece of furniture, though appearing minimalistic, will be endowed with technological devices. Everything is designed for human comfort, especially since humans can exist indoors only. Because humans are growing lazier, homes will be self-cleaning and totally subservient to the owners. A human could sit in a chair for a week without moving and the house would serve him food, provide entertainment, wash him, and perform other tasks to maintain basic human life.

What is outside?
Outside is the domain of the mecha. Beauty will no longer exist outside, and the exterior of house will appear as a big white box. Because no humans see the outside world anymore, artistic value no longer exists. Everything is done for practicality. Especially because robots live in the outside world as their own communities, the outside will appear very clean and sterile. Robots are programmed with a will to clean things and set things in order, thus the outdoor world will be very spick-and-span, but unattractive.

What are the weather conditions?
Weather is scorchingly hot all year round because of the greenhouse effect. Again, this affects humans and explains why they all remain indoors. Humans will have given up caring for the environment by then. As the earth becomes infected beyond repair, humans will have given up even trying to reverse the damage. In fact, their houses would constantly be expelling toxic fumes and electromagnetic radiation into the outside world. The intense heat would mean that only the mecha survive.

What is everything made of?
Some futuristic material will be created, which at first will appear to be harmless to the environment, but in time it will be discovered that it is in fact harmful. It would be some kind of hybrid between plastic and metal- with the durability, flexibility and resourcefulness of plastic, but with the conductivity and strength of metal alloys.

What events have had an impact on our surroundings?
The event of a kind of apocalypse will impact everything. The apocalypse that kills off much of the human race will be something alike to the bubonic plague. Not only the increasing toxic fumes will kill humans, but the increasing filth will start some strain of biological virus that will infect a large part of the population. Because there will be so few humans left, surroundings will be bleak and un-beautiful.

What events have had an impact on how people think, behave, exist?
The same apocalypse will change the morals of the remaining humans. They will no longer care for the idea of future generations. The point is to survive here and now. Thus will no care be taken to presere the environment or save the world for the future. Peope will exist in a state of laziness until their death. Marriage will no longer be valued, and having children will be seen as pointless, since there is no hope for future generations as it is. Humans will resort to mecha for relationships and spouses, especially since humans are so few.

What is growing? What machinery/gadgetry is used?
All sense of technology will grow to a point where humans can enjoy life in full laziness. However, once that point is reached and the effects of it cause the apocalypse, all technology will come to a stand-still since human innovation will have died out with the apocalypse. The creators of technology will have killed themselves with their inventions. Though the mecha appear as the pinnacle of technology, they cannot 'upgrade'.

What do buildings look like?
Buildings will be ultimatedly unattractive. Because everything will be done for practicality rather than beauty, aesthetics will no longer matter, and everything will apeear as mere white boxes. Also, because minamilism is growing in popularity, there will be no adornments or embellishments of any kind. Just simple white blocks- the most base neccessity to live.

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