Sunday, September 20, 2009

Russian Constructivism Poster- Development and Final

Here is my development for the last truisms poster. I tried to make it look like a propaganda poster, although the message is against the government rather than for the government.

The pose of the girl not only suggest that she is an incarnation of the devil, she also looks like a tyrant. The flailing hands could be her victims or her worshippers, thus the definition of 'people' in the poster is ambiguous.The hands are also suggestive of a hellfire, but it is unclear who is punished- the people or the tyrant. Perhaps both.

The apartment building in the background suggest uniformity and conformity- thus a stab at society. It suggest that 'bad people' can be anywhere.

I chose a font that resembles Russian characters, just to further emphasise the Russian Constructivist influence. The entire poster is mostly influenced by Gustav Klutsis' work.

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  1. Hi, Lau. Good work!

    My name is António Marques
    I`m an Art teacher in Portugal and I took your fine example of construtivist-like poster to show it to my pupils as they will undergo a similar task.

    See it in my blog:

    Tank you!