Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mecha and Interior Updates

Here were some original concept drawings for mecha to be used in my posters. I did them to get a feel for what I thought the future might look like. For a first attempt at drawing mecha, I think I did alright.

Here is some progress for the Interior poster. My idea for the man was to have him very pale- as if he never sees the light of day. He ought to be overweight because of the lack of physical activity, and his 'Flymagator Retric Pants' actually do the walking for him. I find the idea of a Mecha Wife somewhat sad, so I tried to draw the man as a very sad and pathetic character.

Here is my quick concept of the interior space. I wanted it to be incredibly simple- too simple. Minimalistic to the extreme. It has lost it's beauty. The furniture has been made because it is easy to manufacture, not because it is beautiful.

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