Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is (tentatively) Neytiri from the film 'Avatar'. I drew this as a birthday present for my good friend Luke. She's not exactly screen accurate, because since the DVD of Avatar hasn't been released yet, there aren't too many pics of her circulating the internet yet. The bow is not very screen accurate at all, and I took that design more from the 'Art of Avatar' book than from the final product made for the film. It's Eytukan's bow, designed by Daniel Falconer.
Things I don't like about it:
- The right hand, which I couldn't seem to angle so that it looked natural.
- The background, which is very lazy. If I wasn't lazy, I would draw a bioluminescent forest, but too bad, I'm a bit lazy.
- The face, still not totally screen accurate
- The hair, which took me 3 days or so, but Neytiri's braids are NOT easy to render.
Otherwise, I'm relatively happy with it!

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