Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sea Longing

For Kristal's 21st, I promised her a drawing of epic proportions. 4 months later, I finally delivered! The drawing actually only took me about 7 days of solid work, there was just a lot of procrastination.
For the first time, I tried to draw a full artwork rather than just a character in a sketchy background. For this epic task, I drew on a lot of inspirations:
- The enitre composition is based on Jerry Vanderstelt's 'Homeward'.
- The man is based on Alan Lee's Orpheus in 'Shapeshifters'.
- The underwater seascape was inspired by photos I found on Google. Good old google.
- The wings and bubbles were inspired by Daniel Falconer's mermaid.
- The background mountains were shaped after the silhouette of the White Witch's castle from 'The Chronicles of Narnia' concept art by Weta Workshop.
- The almost expressionistic style of the rocks was drawn from Greg Broadmore.
So this melting pot of inspirations makes this illustration something special, and overall, I'm rather fond of it.