Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sea Longing

For Kristal's 21st, I promised her a drawing of epic proportions. 4 months later, I finally delivered! The drawing actually only took me about 7 days of solid work, there was just a lot of procrastination.
For the first time, I tried to draw a full artwork rather than just a character in a sketchy background. For this epic task, I drew on a lot of inspirations:
- The enitre composition is based on Jerry Vanderstelt's 'Homeward'.
- The man is based on Alan Lee's Orpheus in 'Shapeshifters'.
- The underwater seascape was inspired by photos I found on Google. Good old google.
- The wings and bubbles were inspired by Daniel Falconer's mermaid.
- The background mountains were shaped after the silhouette of the White Witch's castle from 'The Chronicles of Narnia' concept art by Weta Workshop.
- The almost expressionistic style of the rocks was drawn from Greg Broadmore.
So this melting pot of inspirations makes this illustration something special, and overall, I'm rather fond of it.


  1. stunning! ur skills have improved so much XD *like*

  2. Omg. This reminds me of the drawing one of the professional artists brought in to get it framed. Can't remember his name but his artwork mostly featured fairies as well. Amazing! ^^