Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As my final accomplishment at University, I wrote and directed this short film, 'Vicissitudes'. The script was written and workshopped over the first semester, and after being chosen for production, my crew and I brought my script to life!

Shot beautifully on RED EPIC, (courtesy of Deakin University), the post-production process has been long and I only FINALLY handed over my completed film yesterday.

Will be screened at VISIONNAIRE, a Deakin event which screens all the third year short films. Held at the Astor Theatre in Melbourne on November 20th 2011, this is going to be an exciting event as the films will be projected in glorious 4K! Higher resolution than just about everything you've ever seen!

For the record, Vicissitudes is about.... change.
'When William Creighton meets a mysterious lady in red three times in his life, he comes to understand the neccessity for human vicissitude.'

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Return!

So! It's been a while since I posted, but now that I've revamped the whole thing, I decided to do another post.

The drawings above are ooold. Last Christmas in fact, but I realised I never posted them here. So here they are! I based last year's Christmas card on my character Seraphim 9 from my fan film.

Speaking of films, there are a few I haven't yet posted on here!
Now let's try this insert video thing...

This is SERAPHIM 10. A sequel to Seraphim 9 that I released a while back. Enjoy this piece of DSLR work, shot with 7D, under my house.

For those interested in something more arty, this is Cycle of Providence. This is an experimental film... interpret how you will. ;)

And finally, my showreel of previous work. Not too impressive at the moment, but look out for more stuff very soon.

I'm sorry I've forgotten about this blog! I hope I'll be writing back here soon enough!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It occured to me that although my main art is filmmaking, I haven't posted any of my films on this blog. Therefore I decided it was most neccessary to link my YouTube Channel to this blog. For your viewing pleasure. :)
I haven't done any particularly extraordinary films at the moment, but I trust that some of you may enjoy 'Seraphim 9', which I've posted some of the concept art of on this blog. And 'Legion Street Antiques' (though a terrible film) was a good learning experience. The Motion Capture clip might also be insightful to anyone interested in mocap and keyframe animation.
Help and Fairy Tale are some of my earlier film works, which are way cheesy in retrospect, but seemed deep and meaningful at the time.
Anyway, enjoy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Unheeded Devastation

An illustration for my good friend Rohan's 22nd birthday (and Valerie's 3rd birthday). I combined three things that he loves - nuclear apocalypses, his car Valerie, and a chick with a big gun.
I have to admit that this illustration was largely kitbashed from photos - particularly the car, and the composition and colours were almost entirely inspired by a Stephen Crowe illustration (Very obvious which one, if you know anything about the NZ artist).
I had a few problems with perspective. The photo of the car which I was copying was taken at a very peculiar low angle, also on a Dutch slant. I modified it a little in Photoshop, but it was difficult to draw the girl at the same bizarre angle. In the end, I decided not to attempt drawing the girl from a low angle at all, and instead, drew a big crack in the ground to suggest that she is standing in a ditch, and much closer to the viewer than the car is - therefore at a more regular angle.
Now whether the girl is an anthropomorphic representation of the car is totally up to interpretation. Initially that had been the intention, but I realised that the costume design didn't really have the same shapes as Valerie, and I could definitely do a better job trying to personify Valerie. Maybe some other day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Light of Doriath: Beren and Luthien

So I've wanted to do an illustration of Beren and Luthien from Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion' for a very long time, and as my friend Luke's birthday approached, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to at last draw these two fateful characters.
Now rather than the traditional romantic and classical style that you most often see Beren and Luthien illustrated in, I went for a high fantasy, heroic/enchanting style. (Shhh.... it has nothing to do with how I am incapable of drawing classically). Lighting is obviously dramatic, and I suppose it was somewhat inspired by the works of Ben Wootten and Jerry Vanderstelt, who are both masters in fantasy illustration.
I chose to depict Luthien as the powerful enchantress who weaves a cloak of deception out of her hair. Blue is her raiment, and her hair follows like a shadow. She was somewhat modelled on an illustration by Gus Hunter in 'White Cloud Worlds'.
Beren is depicted as a warrior... and just happens to look a bit like an Aragorn/Prince Caspian cross-over. But I wanted him to have the look of a travelled ranger, although there is some royalty about him. He bears the Ring of Barahir (hardly visible), and his armour is patterned with snakes, which was inspired by the Ring of Barahir. He was somewhat modelled on an illustration by Sacha Lees in 'White Cloud Worlds'.
As for the lighting, the forest and the mist, that was largely Jerry Vanderstelt inspired. I knew I wanted the characters to be set in a beech wood forest (of Doriath), and I wanted a light to be coming out from behind the trees. In my mind, it is the light of a Silmaril.... although that hardly makes sense narrative-wise. It can also be interpreted as the light of Luthien.
This illustration is very close to my heart, so it was an absolute delight to accomplish. Perhaps not the best 'technically', but I am still relatively happy with it.