Monday, March 14, 2011

Unheeded Devastation

An illustration for my good friend Rohan's 22nd birthday (and Valerie's 3rd birthday). I combined three things that he loves - nuclear apocalypses, his car Valerie, and a chick with a big gun.
I have to admit that this illustration was largely kitbashed from photos - particularly the car, and the composition and colours were almost entirely inspired by a Stephen Crowe illustration (Very obvious which one, if you know anything about the NZ artist).
I had a few problems with perspective. The photo of the car which I was copying was taken at a very peculiar low angle, also on a Dutch slant. I modified it a little in Photoshop, but it was difficult to draw the girl at the same bizarre angle. In the end, I decided not to attempt drawing the girl from a low angle at all, and instead, drew a big crack in the ground to suggest that she is standing in a ditch, and much closer to the viewer than the car is - therefore at a more regular angle.
Now whether the girl is an anthropomorphic representation of the car is totally up to interpretation. Initially that had been the intention, but I realised that the costume design didn't really have the same shapes as Valerie, and I could definitely do a better job trying to personify Valerie. Maybe some other day.