Monday, October 3, 2011

I Return!

So! It's been a while since I posted, but now that I've revamped the whole thing, I decided to do another post.

The drawings above are ooold. Last Christmas in fact, but I realised I never posted them here. So here they are! I based last year's Christmas card on my character Seraphim 9 from my fan film.

Speaking of films, there are a few I haven't yet posted on here!
Now let's try this insert video thing...

This is SERAPHIM 10. A sequel to Seraphim 9 that I released a while back. Enjoy this piece of DSLR work, shot with 7D, under my house.

For those interested in something more arty, this is Cycle of Providence. This is an experimental film... interpret how you will. ;)

And finally, my showreel of previous work. Not too impressive at the moment, but look out for more stuff very soon.

I'm sorry I've forgotten about this blog! I hope I'll be writing back here soon enough!

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