Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As my final accomplishment at University, I wrote and directed this short film, 'Vicissitudes'. The script was written and workshopped over the first semester, and after being chosen for production, my crew and I brought my script to life!

Shot beautifully on RED EPIC, (courtesy of Deakin University), the post-production process has been long and I only FINALLY handed over my completed film yesterday.

Will be screened at VISIONNAIRE, a Deakin event which screens all the third year short films. Held at the Astor Theatre in Melbourne on November 20th 2011, this is going to be an exciting event as the films will be projected in glorious 4K! Higher resolution than just about everything you've ever seen!

For the record, Vicissitudes is about.... change.
'When William Creighton meets a mysterious lady in red three times in his life, he comes to understand the neccessity for human vicissitude.'

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