Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Drawing on a phone... for Weta.... as a gift!

This year's gift to Weta for Christmas was a very hurried one. I was alerted by The Shadow and Flame forum that there were plans to send a big goodie basket about 3 weeks from the due date, and I jumped at the opportunity to draw a card again!
However, I was in New Zealand at the time on holiday after attending 'The Hobbit' premiere madness. I was without a graphics tablet... hence I turned to my phone, the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Note. I've never done serious drawing on the Note before, so this was a great opportunity to test out it's drawing capabilities. I considered using proper drawing apps such as Sketchbook, but in the end stuck with S Note because I reckon it has the best sensitivity. And good 'regular' thin brushes with no special properties, which is what I'm used to - not the paintbrush style.
The obvious choice for theme this year was 'The Hobbit' of course. I desperately wanted to draw Weta crew as Hobbit characters, just as I did with Tintin last year. So I started with Richard Taylor as Gandalf as a line drawing... and from there I came up with 17 more characters, encompassing our Weta friends and key crew.
A few days from due, I exported all the line drawings from my phone to Dropbox as jpegs. Then I spent a long day 'watercolouring' all the drawings using Photoshop's 'Multiply' blending type. I chose background colours for each character according to what was relevant to the character in the book. i.e. - Radagast the Brown, Thorin with a sky blue hood, Bombur with a pale green hood... etc. etc. I also created simple frames for the drawings in a Dwarven style.
The cards were delivered and well received yesterday, and I'm just so glad to have been involved! Kudos to everyone who contributed to the gift, and a personal kudos to the Samsung Galaxy Note, which has proved itself as a capable drawing tool. I loves it precious!

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